Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Product Bombardment of a 4 year old

Today my best friend and artist/fashion designer Shannon Schmalfedlt sent me an email.

"Mai is keeping a sketch book diary. She has been writing down every word she sees printed out. For example, the CFN was copied from a gas station sign. It's weird to see the words out of context and through a child's eyes where they have no meaning. (Also notice the Sony brand name with the backwards n copied from TV and a possible Honda reference)"

and i replied to her
...product bombardment of a 4year old whom has no
money to buy such products,but they are part of her environment and
she cant get away from these words. CFN these are gas issues right now.
Sony and the lost board game BINGO. Maybe kids want old games and
not play stations,Ipods and cellphones.A Scooby snack,Narnia maybe and JVC. I think the POWER says the most we all want it,
presidential elections, gas companies, mom, dad, mai, the market, and the NO in box's, too FRESH.

I thought it was super fresh.
Maybe by chance but the family is under this CFN gas pump.
Gas prices are on alot of families minds as i think we see the decline of family vacays.
I think it says Chevron to they left no sure. So i Google Chevron the first thing i see is Human Energy
I say genius.