Friday, January 23, 2009

Digger Bird

Michi Meko,"the digger bird" is basically about southern stereotypes,and the glorious roll of destruction to freedom.During the show, the announcers kept referring to the rough Red Southern Clay,apparently this is why trucks kept violently rolling over, because of the unforgiving clay. It made me think about the unforgiving parts and the struggles of this region. So,I am wanting to bridge two iconic symbols the Grave Digger Monster Truck and the FreeBird song into a short humorous but epic film.We all cheer the destruction and in short its my modern day Ben Hur chariot ride to victory.In thought the Digger is the quadriga, rides for our freedoms, our miracles like those of Miriam and Tirzah..."

Monday, January 12, 2009


Yes it was this awesome.I feel like i am pumped ready to take control of the new year.Do some work have some fun and continue this glorious roll of destruction.I will be DREAMING BIG!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Glorious Roll of Destruction

This year starts the same as every year.
Its a yearly pilgrimage to Mecca...Here the batteries
are charged and prepared for the yearly gallery G.R.O.D.
Here under the lights feast in the energy of thought,
mechanics, and engineering.The Earth thrown from its
foundation,the smell of our Burning Black GOD PETRO,
and the yells from humankind....They want destruction!!!

Let us bow down to those GODS truly greater than
thy little weak Prius. Let us revel in your destruction
of twisted metal and loud pipes. Let us flee from the guilt
in our consumption of PETRO and its prices. There is no place for
Prius Dirving Go Green Uber Gas Conserving guilt trips. This trip rolls
with out apology.YES!!! its Monster Jam Time.....