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John Tindel became heavily involved in the world of imagination expansion at a very young age. As his talent and ability to create progressed, Tindel began tackling social, economic and creative issues with his unique imagery, highly admired wit, and hunger for a better life.

Exploring the Southern United States for inspiration, Tindel was exposed to a lifestyle of values, hard work, pride and authentic homemade fried chicken & biscuits.

More and more entrenched in a culture of simple times, a persistent theme was appearing in his artwork - THE SOUTH.

It wasn't just in his blood, the South was in his buckets of paint, in every brush stroke, in the eyes of his subjects. Tindel wrapped himself around the South and the South wrapped itself around Tindel - a match made in Heaven - with a side of gravy.

No Chicken: Think Different

Think Different