Monday, December 24, 2007

A Grey Box and The Honor System

So I made the long drive home to My Alabama.

From Atlanta that’s 4.5 to 5 hours to my parents door step.
I awake the next morning and decide to go treasure hunting. I want to explore, flea markets, roadside stands, and mom pop stores for possible materials for future installs and found object projects.

I plan and calculated my adventure. I will take Florence blvd or highway72 east to Huntsville.Thats about 80 miles of adventure and plenty of daylight. The plan was simple, find treasure and to photo document the trips images for inspiration. I'm developing a new aesthetic called FlorPop.Florence Pop.Im not sure what it is yet, just an idea right now. I think I want to hick up Andy Warhol’s great idea and sell it to NYC intellectuals too. Then do the Whitney Biennial on this Southern ticket and develop my factory called The Farm or The Coop or something. Anyway, I really want to find treasure and have fun searching. Relax.

First stop a flea market, about 15miles into my trip. I go in. It’s the usual junk, but at a knife booth a gray haired hicky man says "I got switch blahdes far 8 duhllars". I score some throwing stars. They were .50cents each. I'm cool with that, so I continue on.
I stop to photograph signs, abandon farm houses, creeks, lakes, trees, and fields.

As my journey continues I speed past Isoms Orchard. It’s been there forever, they have good Apple cider. Out of the corner of my eye I see a huge huge cage of... My eyes see them, my brain fires, nerves tingle, I process the shapes and in 2 seconds my mouth says GOURDS!!!! I put on brakes and whipped it around. From the highway I could see rows and rows of gourds in various shapes and stages of drying. Excited, doing a pirates dance for finding booty I get out of the car. Reading the sign posted that say..."We are tired and have gone into the house to rest. Gourds on the yard are 3 dollars, everything under the shed is as marked, pick what you like and pay the gray box. No shopping after dark. Thanks."

Weird I thought to myself. I got out and I picked my treasures. Waiting for someone to come help me or say "Hey, what'r you hunting." I wondered around the shed, made noise, tried to look suspicious anything to make someone come out, but they never did. The Grey box was taunting me. The honor system I said to myself, Wow who does that. I fumble around some more in hopes to get that person to come out.Im really trying hard, because I don’t want to be tempted with taking more than I pay for. They never came. I budget 7 gourds at $3bucks ea. is 21beans.I reach into my wallet for the money and decide to write them a note.” I am an artist in Atlanta and will be using your gourds in my work. I was going to order some from the internet. Not now. I will take back the gourds as small pieces of My Alabama. Thanks for being here, MICHI. I felt good by the whole situation. First, the find and the absent customer service rep.Then the faith that you will do the right thing.They really are doing this.

I wrap 21 dollars in that note and drop it in the grey box. Thinking wow, I could take all of these gourds, but I didn’t. I cant.Why not? Who trust a customer like that? I couldn’t figure it out. I continued on to Huntsville to more flea markets. I buy a new John Deere belt buckle green and yellow with gold plated trim. The gray haired gent eyeballed me the whole time as if I was going to pull a David Copper field on his merch.Strange I was thinking. The buckle is FRESH, but not as cool as the gourds and the customer service I call The Grey Box Honor System.It is something to ponder.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Dear Natalie

Often times kids can express themselves in ways we as adults have forgotten.Kids are brillant its no question.They hold nothing back and statements are to the point.This is what I want for my Artist statement and what I want for my work.Things to be just as direct and honest minus the sugar coated statement.DearNatalie, is a letter that was found crumbled in the hall and is now new source of inspiration.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Paella (IPA: [paean]) is a rice dish, it is traditionally eaten on Sundays. The name paella is the word for "frying pan" in Valencian (from Latin patella).
Paella is usually garnished with vegetables and meat or seafood. The three main ingredients are rice, saffron, and olive oil.

Now you got the wik wiki Wikipedia version, now read my story.

In the South we are know for our little sayings or quotes and aphorisms.
I heard one recently that spoke of smarts, Give me 100$ and I will give you a teaspoon of fresh GA. Red clay.Anyways,there is one that goes, This is so good ,It make you wanna smack yo mama. Well, I just got back from Alabama and my mama ain't too happy about her face.

SSAR.Scott did it again.Paella this past Sunday. He and Mario. Two different styles of cooking. Collab. Make it work. Sunday feast. Attended by the pastors and family.Somehow this has something to do with art and artist being artist.


And a bunch of other stuff
I am forgetting cause
It was so much in there.

Mario grilled chorizo w/Lime. This was a new look for chorizo and my taste buds. Scott is the man. He brought out the music and Thump. We tipped. Waited for the Skillet to do its thing. Just as the sun made its down, Paella!!!20 mins later full belly, pot belly. Sleepy.To go plate. I headed down 400 passed my loft on to Alabama to slap my moms face. Scott and Mario you got me in trouble on this one. Now she gone slap mine when she reads this.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Diesel High too Mod and Ultra Cool.

Nothing to do with art TM or anything really....I didn’t even spell check whatever...

So I get an email from Karen West PR.Come out to the High Museum blah blah blah fashion FREE DRINKS!!! So last night I go to the High for the Diesel Fashion show social event of the evening. I dressed really swanky cause I knew the crowd, my easydosa t-shirt, jeans, addias, my vintage corning glasses and my fat gold rope chain.FRESH!!!They weren’t ready for that.

Stepped in line and stepping right out feels good and important. Karen hands me a wrist band and I jump the rope and go into the High saying good bye to the peasants who have to wait in line in my minds best British accent...I know people, as if I would have to wait! The though of such. Then the hip hop hits me in the face and snaps me back to my real me.

I’m from the country but when in certain social circles they go kiss kiss on both cheeks, so me too all the while thinking, I got two more cheek you can kiss. Ha!!! Joke to self nobody’s laughing but me.Thats what they do. Getting back to what I do my voice orders a Jack and Coke. I down it and get another while making small talk to ex cheerleaders now playing corporate sweethearts while asking what do you do. I think, Are you looking for my millions? What is it that I don’t do is the question and glare into her eyes to say Yes, I am that confident Mod and Ultra Cool.JC please, I leave he in bewilderment probably asking herself was he joking or an Ahole or does he do alot.

Now I feel the warm fuzz of the THUMP and I notice all the pancake make up blond hair beauty queens from frat parties past.I chuckle thing I used to date chicks like you.Well I thought, I guess they go to these events to be popular in adult life.I always wondered who where all those people in the back of Jezebel and Peach magazines.They seem to always be partying with the beautiful people and ATL short list of celebs.I guess I have finally made it, but my bills are due. A few more thumps and warmer feelings, I feel loose but not too loose, this is not the crowd for country boy jokes. I chill acting ultra mod and cool. I don’t even own an I pod but who knows that there, back to my cool.

Jermaine Dupri is a tiny man.Ceelo Green the Soul Machine is a big dude but short, both are nice and we pose for a pic. Maybe they think I'm ultra mod and cool. Maybe they know I’m an artist, do they collect? Maybe I will be in the back of Jezebel posed up next to some white blonde pie faced chick with nice "teeth" and some one in the grocery line will be like who are these people or why is Michi posed up with some pie faced blond chick with nice "teeth”. Anyway I pose for more pics with Caleb Gauge and a few of the scensters of the scene that move and shake all the while acting MOD and ULTRA COOL!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Artist staments

As many may know I really dont like the paper work of being an artist.Can you paint? YES!!! So,today I was asked to right an artist statement of why TM was innovative...this what i said?

TindelMichi are two artist working together to create an aesthetic that uniquely represents the South. Our work is a direct reflection of growing up in a newer urbanized and a less racially sensitive south than our parents. We use painting as our platform to combine various influences and methods from different disciplines and melded them into our own techniques. Skills that include one time use hand cut stenciling, font and character development as well as a history of symbolic elements that continue to show up in our work. We gather influence not only from the region, but from our families’ oral traditions. Inspired by two different racial experiences growing up in the south; TindelMichi celebrate the same southern culture. We have combined our southern vernaculars to develope cryptic phrases and languages. These messages or words are indications of the humor and charm that is undoubtedly Southern and incomparably TindelMichi.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunday Southern Art Revival:Cook

Sunday is the day we meet.The email was simple and said lets meet about 2 o clock and talk about new projects.Im thinking we working on Basel ideas or stuff for biennials and various other shows.We talked about art for all of ten minutes.This is what I love about SSAR.Sometime arts not important.
George was like "Im going to start a fire." Me too George I said as I followed in my Pyro happiness. We walk to the pit and started a fire. I got corn George said. Let's cook it. John and I look on as the blaze roar and I add more paper just to watch it burn, A whole Sunday paper starting with the art section to be exact.We laughed about it. George was like I got Okra too. We chopped it and was like hell, now we got to to fry it.George was like I got Collard Greens too.Cool.Jessie and his family came,plus Charlie and his young one. John left in sadness. The meat came from somewhere and few hours later it was a full on SSAR BBQ celebrating Mario and George.
Just as random and unplanned as our collaborative works are the collabortive meals are even more sucessful.Mario cleaned chickens I said "Fried Gizzards"George kept the gizzards.It's like we still were working in the studio and having fun ,but just in the kitchen. We were adding spices and guessing spices of each others dishes.Some spieces that pull out flavors that could have been missed.We all enjoy cooking and sharing family cooking secrets.I think that is why food plays an important part to our mission and gospel. There is talk of a cookbook and a SSAR Art Feast, we will collab in the kitchen for your taste buds.
Iron Belly Menu
George on Okra and Gourmet Gizzards
Michi on Collards (candy collards)
Scott "the Vegitarian" on ribs and Salmon
Mario on Yardbirds and plantain
Jessie on Grits and sausage
Charlie on Corn and grill foreman
John absent on Cooking day

Friday, September 28, 2007


So I just got back from NYC.Limo at the airport."Michi!!!"Usually Jose comes to get me.His phone was off and they sent another guy.Went directly to the Fashion/Garment distric.14 floors up did the meeting.We agreed.Shannon a friend from home bama has blonde hair now.We take a cab to Soho.We laugh.Finally did I said,all that trash talking we did in college, finally,Artsy and creative in NYC.The loft is huge.It over looked Kid Robot.Huge loft white furniture like a loft from a book.Someone really lives like this.Smokes on the fire escape,but I quit.I have one.We laugh.Walk for pizza and Jack D/coke.People come over.They dont do whiskey we laugh and call the soft as the thump hits us.Dosa comes over.He's in cut and paste.Taxi to alphabet city. more ATL folk show up. Before long the south dominates this one corner.Random.Walk to bars.Loaded and they dont dance no more but the A was on that bump and grind.Jordo eastvillage thats my dude.Sleep.Breakfast.Luis Bravo,I found Animal Chin. Lunch China Town.But went to the little Italy Street Festival.Pizzas,Scunguli's,and eeey!!! Italian stuff.Walk to House ton,but I say HOUSTON,like texas.Cut and paste.On the list.Dosa is hyped to do battle.I look up the A is in the place.SouF MouF.Dosa wins first two rounds.Looses final on purpose I think.The other guy was no comp.We celebrate the intentional loss.Walk.Go to Home Sweet Home.Its tiny,I laugh and leave.Taxi.EastV.Jordo.We hit MaxFish.More South.We tip whiskey and walk home.Sandwich at the corner deli.Turkey and cheese on a roll.Next morning China Town.I shop.Dumplings for breakfast.Call the Limo.Strange starting to like NYC.Airport.Flight,I sleep.ATL.Good to be Home.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Underground and Fine

Here at TindelMichi Studios we straddle a fine line in this ATL art world. Are we Fine art or Underground? Maybe we some new folk art that people can’t classify it. Are we still emerging? When do we stop emerging? Who decides this and validates careers in ATL. I feel like we have played all the underground spots big and small and done the right events. We have played some more notable galleries and gained the attention of the finer side and I still feel like something is missing. I have gotten into arguments with people who say going the gallery route you can’t do this or that. Well, I need some intellectual art buyers to understand the dilemma of daily creation. Try to understand two dudes who make.

TindelMichi is prolific. We make paint, draw, create things every day; we are not waiting for some great idea to get us out of the funk. We paint through the funk. Is it well thought out? Some of it is and some just skim the ideas.Ideas come and go.I used to keep an idea box. Are we wrong for this? It’s like do you need art to breathe and our answer is, YES!!!!Do you paint? YES!!!We don’t pretend and makes no excuses of why we can’t create. Either you are a creator or not. We don’t play art; we are it.TindelMichi tries to one up each other daily. It’s how we create our dialog and symbols. Healthy completion to push each other this how we learn from each other. So naturally we would push our work onto other things sculpture, installations, we paint live and far as I am concerned that is our performance art.
I get so confused by the Atlanta's art scene and its ideas. What are we trying to do really, push our scene or local talent? Well ,here at TM studios we are pushing a whole region. The idea of this enchanting place where long hot heat is the norm. We are not like NYC or L.A. We are not tofu and pizza. We are sweet tea and bbq.If NYC is an ant hill then we are fireflys.So in saying this I am pushing for us (Atlanta) to come into our own.

I got off subject.

Banksy, Shepard, David Choe a few others have gone their routes and landed work in major collections in museums international. They are a few doing what all artists want to do. Don’t then you are a liar to yourself. Make art and make money, so that you can make art and have the time and joy to make that art. To produce daily and not worry about I got to go to work and stop your real mission. We all start off to be sucessful.You don’t start things to fail.

So who is to say I'm wrong if I do this or that with my work. Some say this doesnt validate you and no one will take your work seriously.Well until the intellectual buyers catch up with the jones my bills still rocking.My urge to make work is still there.No museum is knocking down my door just yet. So,I have to do what it takes to get that free time to make what I have to make. The time for my spirit to get free making things. I’m going both ways on this one....Underground and Fine.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Saint St.Augustine

So the SSAR has been traveling around spreading the word.Recently, we went down to St.Augustine Florida the nations oldest city. We installed our "Revival" and I think we may have converted a few more souls for the cause. I like St.Aug. It’s small and charming, close to the beach and across the street from the river it’s totally surrounded by water.

I arrived two days before the opening. The rest of the ministers were there installing the gospel. I called John and he said they were at the beach. George had a kayak in the ocean riding waves. I followed my map quest direction to the gallery, The Gallery at Screen Arts. I liked this side of town, It was like cabbage town meets the west end and everyone was nice and on a bike. I saw the why did the chicken cross the road joke play out before my eyes.The answer is to get to the other side. Rob the gallery owner came out and we got introduced around and he is the nicest gallery owner dude ever.

In back of the gallery is a sign shop, John and I were about ready to loose our minds at all the possibilities of the machines. My faves was a die cutting machine that started up like an engine. It was old school technology I called it the Willy Wonka.

Thrown before me was a huge pile of vinyl symbols that I recognize and new what was up, a site specific vinyl installation. We did two and they were FRESH!!!One was at least 20'x15' or bigger the other in that range too. After a couple of hot afternoons and one late night of hanging, we decide to go out.

First dinner at A1A, Im not a fan of this place even though the food was good. To put it simple they ran out of grits for my shrimp and grits. Thing is the server waited until the other food was up to say "We are out of grits". After dinner we walked the historic beach town looking for trouble. We found nothing. After a couple stops at what seemed to be a town full of piano bars we decided to go back the first bar we saw that night. Matanza ,which means "blood river" was playing. This bar was a real hickish redneck bar full of lively beach types and seemed to be the local jam. Scott hated it and we made the best of the social scene. I liked it because soon as we hit the door and get a drink, the familiar sound of home graced my ears. John knocked over a beer bottle and on the crashing queue the band tore into Skynards Sweet Home Alabama. A huge smile on my face and I danced the jig with the locals.

The next day was the opening and the show was received well. The gallery owner always buys Rap Snacks for the show and we learned that Master P snack was going to be harder to get because of distrubution.We bought all the store had and that was funny. A Honda Mini van full. Like Atlanta there are lots of biking white negros or "hipsters" according to wikapedia.They came to the opening and showed some love. It was all good and I could feel the spirit and the souls being saved.There was talk of an after party. We got directions and headed over the bridge to the "Pool House" so we heard, but it was the "Poo House" and there was a few kids sitting around looking stupid. I quickly cracked a joke and mad a true "I'm too old for this and this aint even a party" and we left off to Denny’s for breakfast,mean while some puke breathed hipster chick was trying to go with us but we superman'd on that oooooooooooooooo!!!!!

I was under the strange hold of the THUMP and almost got us into a fight with a local band that thought we were a band trying to play on there turf. "who is the lead singer he kept saying,as if to say I challenge you.We laughed and insulted the sucky band (Oneday Better)and ate our food. Rob said you should be One day at a time.I don’t remember much but we woke up in hotel rooms, we couldn’t drive I guess. Thanks for driving Rob.

The next day we go to a movie and Rob the gallery owner takes us out on his boat. We cruise around the water scene looking for dolphins and manatee. Wind whipping my dreadlocks, I finally felt relaxed for once. I love the water. We stay out until dark and get dinner and drinks on the lake. It was super nice. Starring at a L.A. style pop surreal KrK Ryden piece, Mark Rydens brother, I drift off thinking of our Southern Revival and how cool it would be to do an install in L.A. and Miami at Basel.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So every once and awhile i get a drawing back from a kid that is genius.
I don't really understand adult conceptual ideas,cause mainly,I don't believe adults.We have lost the ability to be direct and honest in our work.He offered me no long bio or statement to prove his theory.He was to the point.I'm sure i will do an installation or something conceptual in my career and I will explain it as a matter of fact as my student King did.
He folded his 11x17 paper into six squares and got to it.
When asked about his work and what does it mean to him.

He explained "Its Technology that I don't even know about.I dont understand it,but I see it in my head.Lasers and imaginary time,time that's invisible and maps."
King Barnes Age 6

For some reason I believe Him.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday Southern Review.


A playful synergy enlivens this collaborationBy Debra WolfFor the JournalConstitutionPublished on: 08/19/2007

Sunday Southern Art Revival: Jessie Cregar, George Long, Scott Pethia, Mario Schambon, Tindel-Michi

Through Sept. 1. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Wednesdays-Saturdays. $100-$3,000. Whitespace, 814 Edgemont Ave., Atlanta. 404-688-1892,
Bottom line: Good old-fashioned fun.

Put six Southern gentlemen together on Sunday afternoons. Add a passion for making art and a significant dose of humor. What do you get? A self-described religious experience, an ongoing visual conversation and a unique collaboration among six creative spirits: Jessie Cregar, George Long, Scott Pethia, Mario Schambon and Tindel-Michi.
Each of these artists pursues work on his own: Cregar is a classical painter. Long and Pethia work in varied mediums including ink and metal. Schambon paints and sculpts, while Tindel-Michi (two individuals) work in tandem on a regular basis under an appended name, frequently using acrylic, stencils, markers and spray paint.
But on Sundays, generally, these six are part of an experimental process where the rules are simple —- mutual respect and having fun —- as they paint collaboratively and simultaneously on a number of images.
How do they actually manage this?
George Long points to one painting and smiles, telling how its background was the beneficiary of tennis balls dipped in acrylic and thrown, followed by boxing gloves used to pummel the surface. Yet no one would guess how these marks and splatters were formed, particularly when the end result is many-layered and well-executed.
In addition to these less-than-staid methods, more orthodox tools and processes are used, traditional brushwork, drawing and stenciling among them.
"Dairy Queen Don Quixote" is a vibrant example of these collaborative efforts. It is a composition with luscious, warm tones, floral stencils and a scratchy representation of the Spanish literary hero on horseback. While the painting's meaning is not self-evident, the work itself displays the surprisingly synergistic style of the six, partly figural and with notable graffiti elements.
"Fade to Black" is a different sort of image; dark and sophisticated, it is one of several interrelated and moody abstractions, while "Pink Pigs R the Way" is an utterly charming and humorous depiction of flying wheelbarrows and the occasional pig.
With an exuberance and spontaneity that enhance the unusual nature of their activity, these art-making mavericks work right up until an exhibition opens (even creating on-site) and continue to paint unsold pieces after the show comes down. This yields pleasing and playful results in the ultimate illustration that for some, no creative endeavor is ever quite finished.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Souls Saved

TM and the other evangelist recently installed the second edition to The Sunday Southern Art Revival. The show will be up until September first. Stop in and see the glorious work that the spirit has lead us to create and share with those in need of a blessing. The Revival is a traveling installment much like the old fashion tent revivals of the rural south. Our next meeting is in St.Augustine on Sept.7th. We gone win some souls for the spirit and those souls aint ready.

During this entire revival that was started for fun, and nothing more, I think we have ourselves, as artist been born again. AMEN!! I guess during this collective collar project, we were all trying to save our own holy art souls from burning in the rut of complacency and boredom that Atlanta has the potential to have. When I think about it, I too have threatened to run to NYC to avoid the rut. I aint scared. It’s just that catfish like fresh water, if you know what I mean. Although there are salt water catfish, I'd much rather cruise a fresh-water lake and not become a pale worm in a big grey apple. My faith is our skills and those ruts are under monster truck tires, so we just gone jump'em anyways.BIG WHEELS KEEP TURNING!! AMEN!!!!

Back to our souls. I am so pleased at the outcome of this whole revival I want to go tell it on a mountain. Our creative spirit is up so high right now we just may be able to part the Chattahoochee, like Moses did the Red Sea. If that happens, there will be a fish fry in the back forty. I aint one to tell lies right outta church, but I feel we could do it. God knows we have put a lot sweat equity into what we are doing and have done ups and down, grants lost, not always working smart , sometimes doing too much ,and hell, at times not doing enough. I guess what I’m trying to say is I think the Revival has saved TindelMichi more than we wanted it to save a community of artist. AMEN!!!

Go down to the mourner’s bench and receive your blessing @ 814 Edgewood @ The Whitespace.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sunday Southern Art Revival:Salvation is near.

True story:
It was June in Georgia.
I had never been to a revival, but I heard there was one brewing down by the forked creek.
Word was they served biscuits spread thick with sweat and ribs slathered in paint.
They preached through paper scratched with words, hit with paint, and dotted with bits of trash that told their story.
As I passed through the blackberry patch, I heard the steady beat of their music and I knew I was on the right path.
I stood on the top of the hill, hidden in the brush and watched.
Quite sure they must be intoxicated by the fumes of their paint, I saw them throw balls covered in ink, intricately stack what seemed to be yard sale leftovers, and scrawl images of their idols.
The rumors were true.
Curiosity was leading my soul to salvation and I needed the healing.
I decided to approach.
This is what I found.

Southern Art Revival
AUG 3 @ The Whitespace

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Wall

About a week ago I met up with George Long over at The Whitespace. That space has to be the coziest most charming gallery in town. We were planning some ultra high art revolutionary backyard Sunday revival event. That’s when Director /Owner Susan Bridges began to ask me of my origins. Proudly I said Florence, Alabama!!! Funny thing is she was up on my town like she grew up there. We shared knowledge of mutual creative people in the area and local lore. She even told me of recent things I didn’t know. I was ultra surprised to find out she knew of The Wall. I had almost forgotten about it myself. George was in shock just as much as I was at her knowledge of the area. He was like; did you come from this nutty place that breeds this sorta weird creative spirit? I was like yeah it’s the Indian spirits and once you realize that, they open you up to the possibilities of the land and the world to whatever you want to do. That is just my philosophy.

Anyways, The Wall is a man made wall built by this guy Tom Hendrix. He has been working on it for 27 years. It’s a monument to his great-great-grandmamma. She was a Euchee Indian who walked for four years from Oklahoma back to Bama after they forced the Indians to leave. This is the trail of tears. She missed the area so much that she just took off walking home. The story was told to me, that she toted this rock there and back. It was a stone that reminded her of home. This is stone that sparked Tom's creativity. The wall is easily comparable to Andy Goldsworthy work, minus the art criticisms. I feel it will hold up to those criticisms. It is pure and simple why he is doing this. His effort is a great feat of one man's creativity. You can feel the truth. Thing that has always weirded me out about the wall is the first section of rocks that look like faces. Are they the faces of ancetors? I think so. Are they man made? I think not. Do they protect the entrance and ward off evil spirits? I think so. At The Wall, there are random rocks that people from all over the world have placed on the wall as their contribution to this great effort. They are special rocks to them, I’m guessing. You should bring a rock if you ever go to Florence and visit The Wall.

As much as I like Atlanta, sometimes I pack my rocks and get back to the land that I love.
shoal culture
NY Times

Saturday, July 7, 2007

New TM Book

I just recently heard we have another book coming soon. I was told by my source, this one will happen. We have tried this before and the complications were sort of picky and we were over it and never saw the project through. (The Redneck Graffiti Book).I apoligize for not gettin those done. We’ll will redo that Redneck Graff someday and get it out.

According to sources, this TM Book is a hard back perfect bound beauty. The source boasted that the book had about 100 full color pages of the 5 year TM collaboration. It holds photos, graphic design, quotes, recipes, and all sorts of random TM magic. Hell, you may be in there. I don’t even know the name of it at this point but, im sure it will be funny, fresh and to the point.

Thats just what I heard.

Young Daisy Duke

Nothing to do with TM but it's like a WTF moment...kinda funny but not really sorta but more shock,like huh.

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (AP) — Police who chased a car for miles along a highway at speeds up to 100 mph said the driver was drunk, hardly a rarity in this resort town. But there was more: When they looked inside the flipped vehicle with guns drawn, they found an 11-year-old girl at the wheel.
VIDEO: Ala. police chase 11-year-old driver
"You go up there thinking it's a felon you're dealing with," assistant police Chief Greg Duck said.
The girl, who was slightly injured in the crash, is now charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident. Duck said she sideswiped another vehicle during the roughly 8-mile chase.
The chase began around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday when a patrol officer near the Florida line saw the car speeding west along a beach highway, Duck said. When the officer flicked on his lights, the driver sped up. The girl rolled the car just inside the Gulf Shores city limit.
Duck said the girl, whose name was not released because of her age, told police she was on her way to pick up her sister at a concert.
Investigators found no alcohol in the car but believe the girl drank before getting behind the wheel of the car, which belongs to relatives.
Duck declined to release the girl's blood alcohol level but said a blood test at the hospital showed it was higher than .02, the legal limit for minors.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Where to begin?

My advice for the Bonnaroo Camper is to get a hotel and take a shuttle into the events everyday, but if that is not an option, I think the most important thing is to find the Holy Grail, top secret barley used Port-A Potty and the rest of the trip is easy. I found out over that weekend that I have a fear of these little plastic poop houses and being far from home this was not cool. We did find such a thing in a sea of 90,000 people, the Holy Grail; it did exist standing there glowing and clean.

To be honest our crew camp ground was actually like staying at Trump Towers, we had a couple of showers, couple poop houses, trees for shade, next to the main stage, and in the center of the whole event with barely 30 people on our grounds. We were straight balling.

Also make sure your sleeping game is up to par. Out the whole group, John Wins the Best Bed Award. Luxury type sleeping, Doubled up memory foam (4 inches) on a thin mattress in the camper shell of his truck covered by tarps cleverly blocking the sun at all angles. TRUMP. I get the worst, air mattress that deflates by morning. I was super jealous of Tindels set up. It is wise to bring ear plugs for your nights sleep cause wack ass DJ Shadow will play till four in the morning.(Yes,his live shows are wack) Plus the usual water, water, water and if you smoke know that a pack of smokes is 10.00$ Kevin found out the hard way.

Anyway, we go to install the four by fours with the Such and Such crew. They did a huge fire installation and a fire burning burlesque stage show. It was FRESH. It was crazy to see the guys manipulate and control fire. My faves by far, was the invention of a Florence, Alabama native (my hometown) it was this simple looking contraption, that only appeared to be a ladder and a couple of pipes. When the zip cord was pulled it would let off this huge explosion and send up giant smoke rings and shock waves to the heavens. Come to find out, this thing shot a gallon of gas through a pipe after every explosion. For the "Politically Correct" environmental Earth saving people his argument was you wasted more gas driving here than I have for my art, I don’t question your drive don’t question my art. It was like BOOM!!! For Real.

If I remember correct John said "Ween was the freshest." They were melting faces all over the campgrounds and sending the 3rd generation hippies into some sort of jiggin frenzy. Maybe it was the shrooms? I was feeling GirlTalk, "Throw some d's" mash up with and old 80's pop tune, it was priceless. John and I both agreed that it was huge imagination and impressive. Gogol Bordello, a gypsy punk band was also super fresh.

I never thought after college I would just pass out on the ground in my own filth without the help of whiskey's thump,but there I was, it was the norm and I was in Romewithout whiskey. I also learned that the huge fountain in the center of the grounds recycled water back through, so it was a hippie DNA dirt bath and we never got in. I also understood that certain wind gust smell like piss for a reason. I learned too, when "Apple" or "Peace" or whatever his or her name maybe meet and there is a connection, while following whatever the heck band, if you get the urge to "hippie hump" its best to do it in a field in broad daylight next to some giant four by fours.TindelMichi:A back drop for love.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Big Wheels

I can remember the first time I saw BIGFOOT. I was with my dad and we were at the Von Braun Civic Center. Now, I think how cool my dad is, not that he took me to see this larger than life truck, but that he did it in a sea full of good ole boys and rednecks with style and grace. My dad is larger than life and bigger than those petty situations.

But anyway, I remember feeling this sort of electricity all over me, sort like when someone scares the hell out of ya and you just about pee yourself. It seemed like every kid in the building was about to piss themselves in anticipation of this machines glorious roll of destruction. The sound is what got me. The size is one thing, I've never been one to brag on Texas, but i've dealt with big thing my whole life. It was just the engine and what it was capable of. The deafening grumble of power just did something to me. From then on, I don’t think I was ever the same.

The noise that an engine of this magnitude makes is one to me that seems pure in its nature and its function, animalistic, sophisticated and barbaric. I imagine this is what the nature of dinosaurs must have been and what they sounded like. The hellish roar of raw power is enough to stop your heart. It is truly amazing. This is what I think our art career is about.

The raw power or the will to take something so simple like a truck ,yet so complicated , that for some reason it seems more like the truth to me than anything out there, but over looked, because of what seems to be dumb down southern stereotypes. The truck is so powerful that it develops its own cult following and because of the complexed simplicity most of the intellectual art types can’t get it. I think some smarty asses have fell to realize that it took great minds to build these trucks to their car crushing status and that those mechanics are not just ass backwards uneducated people that know how to tinker a little better than others. I don’t think we are these artists that care or even need these long artist statements to explain how the hell we get down.

It’s simple...Who: TindelMichi, What: Two Fat Southern Boys, Where: Southern, Doing what: Paint. Hell a one line artist statement. Anyway…

Just making a quick comparison, John and I are these two big monster trucks on our glorious roll of destruction. Engines open and blaring, the cars under BIGFOOT are actually galleries under our wheels. The crowd yelling in the arena is actually the people who show up at our shows and make chit chat, small talk and show support. They are a vital part of the cult and the most influential and most meaningful at that. I would guess the sports announcers are the critics, they merely call it how they see it and you can’t be mad at that. So get your truck right. As I said before, there are some galleries under our big wheels and we are simply rolling over and around them unwilling to give up the 50% just to sit on your prestigious roster. At some point maybe we will park our trucks out front, walk in and strike a deal, maybe even hang a show. I guess until then, we will continue to do donuts around God’s green earth and keep THE BIG WHEELS TURNING.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cooper: Back 40 King

Yesterday was a sad one at TM studios, Big Cooper Jenkins, Johns dog died. If you have ever visited our studio he was there. The guardian of the TM empire, a night in shiny fur armour. Cooper, is the true king of the back forty. A regal canine, one of a kind of his kind,larger than the species, protector, and friend.We love you and you will be missed.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lights off in Time Square

TindelMichi recently hit NYC again with the Urbanmedium.Got busy in the streets.It was fresh.The funniest thing happened probrally the funniest NYC story ever.

John takes off from the telly, toward Times Square.The time is 8 or so in the morning.I am still sleep from the booze the night before,but manage to navigate him verbally to Times Square.Its only 10 blocks up and 4 over from the hotel.His mission was to get there. On our last trip, we didnt get to act like tourist.We only painted for a week installing an art show in the "trendy"Williamsburg area.

We are one block from King Kongs famous view of the city. As he left i yelled "10 up 4 across!!!!"
I lay there and drift off.I am quickly awakend by my own thoughs of John in NYC...all on TRL and the News with a huge TM sign with a monster truck on it,talking to all the host of the shows...So ,i jump up and scramble to get dressed.As i hit send on my text to John"I will meet you in Times Square." I hear his phone "bleep beep deet deet"

Im like damn he forgot his phone.I heard the door open and it was John. I was like "DUDE!! How was IT, I was just on my way to get photos with you." He was like "i didnt make it." "WHAT!!"

"Yeah,I got tired of walking i guess and i manage to spend 20 bucks" WTF i was thinking, did what.He was like "yeah dude,I didnt see it...I swear they musta had the lights turned off, I swear it wasnt there."

True Story.

Later, we walked to the very spot where John turned around.I know it was the place because of the lion that was in the one photo he took.I began to laugh hard ,cracking the fuck up and said "John you never look left."Two blocks was all he had to go.He laughed, we laughed and that is the greatest TindelMichi NYC story ever.