Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lights off in Time Square

TindelMichi recently hit NYC again with the Urbanmedium.Got busy in the streets.It was fresh.The funniest thing happened probrally the funniest NYC story ever.

John takes off from the telly, toward Times Square.The time is 8 or so in the morning.I am still sleep from the booze the night before,but manage to navigate him verbally to Times Square.Its only 10 blocks up and 4 over from the hotel.His mission was to get there. On our last trip, we didnt get to act like tourist.We only painted for a week installing an art show in the "trendy"Williamsburg area.

We are one block from King Kongs famous view of the city. As he left i yelled "10 up 4 across!!!!"
I lay there and drift off.I am quickly awakend by my own thoughs of John in NYC...all on TRL and the News with a huge TM sign with a monster truck on it,talking to all the host of the shows...So ,i jump up and scramble to get dressed.As i hit send on my text to John"I will meet you in Times Square." I hear his phone "bleep beep deet deet"

Im like damn he forgot his phone.I heard the door open and it was John. I was like "DUDE!! How was IT, I was just on my way to get photos with you." He was like "i didnt make it." "WHAT!!"

"Yeah,I got tired of walking i guess and i manage to spend 20 bucks" WTF i was thinking, did what.He was like "yeah dude,I didnt see it...I swear they musta had the lights turned off, I swear it wasnt there."

True Story.

Later, we walked to the very spot where John turned around.I know it was the place because of the lion that was in the one photo he took.I began to laugh hard ,cracking the fuck up and said "John you never look left."Two blocks was all he had to go.He laughed, we laughed and that is the greatest TindelMichi NYC story ever.

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