Monday, June 18, 2007


Where to begin?

My advice for the Bonnaroo Camper is to get a hotel and take a shuttle into the events everyday, but if that is not an option, I think the most important thing is to find the Holy Grail, top secret barley used Port-A Potty and the rest of the trip is easy. I found out over that weekend that I have a fear of these little plastic poop houses and being far from home this was not cool. We did find such a thing in a sea of 90,000 people, the Holy Grail; it did exist standing there glowing and clean.

To be honest our crew camp ground was actually like staying at Trump Towers, we had a couple of showers, couple poop houses, trees for shade, next to the main stage, and in the center of the whole event with barely 30 people on our grounds. We were straight balling.

Also make sure your sleeping game is up to par. Out the whole group, John Wins the Best Bed Award. Luxury type sleeping, Doubled up memory foam (4 inches) on a thin mattress in the camper shell of his truck covered by tarps cleverly blocking the sun at all angles. TRUMP. I get the worst, air mattress that deflates by morning. I was super jealous of Tindels set up. It is wise to bring ear plugs for your nights sleep cause wack ass DJ Shadow will play till four in the morning.(Yes,his live shows are wack) Plus the usual water, water, water and if you smoke know that a pack of smokes is 10.00$ Kevin found out the hard way.

Anyway, we go to install the four by fours with the Such and Such crew. They did a huge fire installation and a fire burning burlesque stage show. It was FRESH. It was crazy to see the guys manipulate and control fire. My faves by far, was the invention of a Florence, Alabama native (my hometown) it was this simple looking contraption, that only appeared to be a ladder and a couple of pipes. When the zip cord was pulled it would let off this huge explosion and send up giant smoke rings and shock waves to the heavens. Come to find out, this thing shot a gallon of gas through a pipe after every explosion. For the "Politically Correct" environmental Earth saving people his argument was you wasted more gas driving here than I have for my art, I don’t question your drive don’t question my art. It was like BOOM!!! For Real.

If I remember correct John said "Ween was the freshest." They were melting faces all over the campgrounds and sending the 3rd generation hippies into some sort of jiggin frenzy. Maybe it was the shrooms? I was feeling GirlTalk, "Throw some d's" mash up with and old 80's pop tune, it was priceless. John and I both agreed that it was huge imagination and impressive. Gogol Bordello, a gypsy punk band was also super fresh.

I never thought after college I would just pass out on the ground in my own filth without the help of whiskey's thump,but there I was, it was the norm and I was in Romewithout whiskey. I also learned that the huge fountain in the center of the grounds recycled water back through, so it was a hippie DNA dirt bath and we never got in. I also understood that certain wind gust smell like piss for a reason. I learned too, when "Apple" or "Peace" or whatever his or her name maybe meet and there is a connection, while following whatever the heck band, if you get the urge to "hippie hump" its best to do it in a field in broad daylight next to some giant four by fours.TindelMichi:A back drop for love.


ShoalsSusann said...

Noelle Smith posted a link to some video of this installation on the Shoals Arts Network. Her husband Ken did the Zippo. Here are links to the SAN Yahoo group and to the video of the installation.

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