Monday, June 30, 2008

Tinsel Town Looks to Home of Southern Pioneers to "Inspire the Nation

to Honor Creativity"

Community that nurtured America's "First Lady of Courage" and "the Father of the Blues", Readies for "The Annie

Blackburn Arts Festival", July 2-5, 2008

Approximately 2,000 miles southeast of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood USA,

nestled between the banks of the Tombigbee Waterway and The Tennessee River, is home to American pioneers that

changed cultural perspectives on learning, expression and creativity. Rated one of the top 10 places in America for

retirement, the community that nurtured the First Lady of Courage, Helen Keller and the Father of the Blues, W.C.

Handy, inspires the nation to honor creativity during

The Annie Blackburn's Arts Festival, July 2-5, 2008 in Florence, AL. 35630

What began as a few instructional classes for the residents of "The Shoals" area is now one of the only festivals

dedicated to honoring creativity with working professionals at the helm. Florence, AL, the classic American city with a

mixture of delights, treasures, southern hospitality and charm, is the place where pioneers such as Keller and Handy

began to change humanity. The Annie Blackburn Arts Festival provides creative arts workshops & classes taught by

professionals from Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY and Atlanta, GA in the disciplines of visual arts, dance, modeling,

acting, and digital editing.

Named for respected resident of the area, Annie Blackburn, The Annie Blackburn's Arts Festival pays tribute to a

woman, who for over 90 years encouraged a community give back and to dream beyond boundaries.


Pendleton, a seasoned actor and native of Florence whose credits include roles on House of Payne, The Shield, NYPD

Blue along with several television and film appearances says, "Annie Blackburn was a woman who possessed a strong

spirit and the ability to give back. Although she never had children of her own, she never missed an opportunity to inspire people in the community to give of themselves, their time and their talents. This festival is a wonderful way tohonor her legacy and introduce this area to the grand stage that is Hollywood."

Cedric and his brother Michi an accomplished visual artist whose work has been displayed at The High Museum of Art (Atlanta) and

commissioned by Toyota Motor Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company, will direct workshops and classes during

the festival.

Organizers of The Annie Blackburn's Arts Festival believe the festival holds a great deal of promise, as the Pendleton brothers note, "There are many cultural spheres that exist outside of the Hollywood and we want to grow this

festival in the same way that Sundance has grown." It is places like Florence that remind us of the pioneers who dared

to dream, and thus sparked changes in music, expression and learning. We want to encourage people to keep nurturing


Next year Ima get the SSAR to come down we show nuff have a good time.`

Monday, June 16, 2008

Taste Good!!!

I have a good friend Jennifer from home that lives in Atlanta. I recently met her chef boyfriend and we chatted and shared Collard recipes. I never tell the real version for the Candy Collards. He began informed me that he work at this restaurant that makes everything in house. They are in bon appetite as one of the top 10 places to eat in the country blah blah...Everything in house!!! Meats chopped and ground fresh that morning, veggies are local, mustard, ketchup all made in house even dressings blah.

Amazed at this concept southern food tapas really all fresh I asked him to invite me out and give the treatment. A few weeks later Jen calls and Says hey lets go eat. Cool!! Where? At Landon's resturant..Ok see you there at 10.

I arrive, it’s packed out, and we get the treatment so there was a table there for us pretty fast. Landon says order the burger. It’s not on the menu? He says order it! We only make them after ten...So I order the burger. He boasts if this isn’t the best burger you have ever had I will buy it...DEAL!!! We shook on it. I order a Jack and Coke of course, the coke was made with sugar cane like some old formula Coke, so that was nice. Jen orders fried bologna and mustard, catfish fingers with a sun choke pickle tartar sauce, Louisiana crawfish beignets scallion and citrus vinegar they are small plates we share. Funny thing it’s not pricey.

So Ok so the small plated tapas were tasty. Before long it was there, this bad ass burger that has the chef willing to eat his words. He sat and said I want to see your first bite. After that bite he was like I’m not buying, this one is on you...I laughed at how good this thing was and was like ok ok....I will be back. This place.... Holeman and Finch check the menu for yourself.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Jones's Name Drop'n the Image pose Stop Front'N

Celebs like'm
BOB knows whats up!!!
Usher owns one.
I could say the white stripes too.
Street Creditable
Museum quality
Collector worthy
so aesthetically trill.

Now! For the Youth

Dosa went nuts with his design.It made the kids tired,so he had to finish it up

I recently received a call from B-Girl/Activist Kelly B. asking me to help the youth and I said no. A few months later I get a call from Dosa he says, What is wrong with you ? Why aren't you doing this project? You need to be a part of this its for a good cause. My brother and I have our own youth foundation that mentors creative kids back in my home town of Florence, because no one was there for us creatively. He has gone off to Hollywood and done his big time movie stuff and well, I'm doing what I do.We figured we have made it up our journey and did ok, what if there was someone there to help kids realize their goals. So I agreed to help Kelly B.

We were to create a giant paint by number on 3 3ft letters that addressed a specific topic.The youth leaders would then paint the letters. Illustrate the issue and offer a solution.My topic was poverty.So on the N the figures are under a bridge while the rest of the world moves in happiness around them.

My solution was a good one I think. What if there were a farm that provided those at a loss with shelter.They raised their own food and sold it to the public on the honor system.What if they had a huge veg and fruit sale on the 1st and last sat of the month.They could even sale crafty stuff for folk who like that sort of thing.

My thinking was that being farmers would give them confidence and pride in wathcing these plants grow because of their own hard work.Maybe maybe not,but i am an ideas guy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


After the Comfort Kills Pursuit:Fight!!! show, I went to Miami with my lady to relax and scope for new gallery's and to make new connections.We jet set to the tropical playground for a week.Hotel on the beach,the smell of ocean and scooters for transportation.
The trip was timed with their art walk in the Design District,seeing this as my opp to introduce myself to Miami. I put in a call to Atlanta tastemaker Caleb Guage and poof "they are expecting you"was all he said. I was on the list at every night spot imaginable. Xavier is the guy.

So back to the art...Met up with the guys from Friends With You through Xavier.We did Art Basel with them two years ago. Their show by far was my favorite.They painted the walls like a weird outer space playland and filled a gallery full of their bouncy ball characters. Everyone had a smile on their faces and I felt like I was part of something special. It made me remember that art can be totally fun and not intellectually over bearing. Like POP art it was generic imagery that was easily acceptable and engaging to the public. Awesome!

I forget the artist name but the work was called "Bait" which feature a swimmer floating across the gallery floor with a shark in hot pursuit. There was a Baboon sculpture that reminded me of George Long's work. In short, made the connects, got the list for Miami nightlife, and got the tan.
Enjoy.Traveling is my next ArtForm.