Tuesday, June 3, 2008


After the Comfort Kills Pursuit:Fight!!! show, I went to Miami with my lady to relax and scope for new gallery's and to make new connections.We jet set to the tropical playground for a week.Hotel on the beach,the smell of ocean and scooters for transportation.
The trip was timed with their art walk in the Design District,seeing this as my opp to introduce myself to Miami. I put in a call to Atlanta tastemaker Caleb Guage and poof "they are expecting you"was all he said. I was on the list at every night spot imaginable. Xavier is the guy.

So back to the art...Met up with the guys from Friends With You through Xavier.We did Art Basel with them two years ago. Their show by far was my favorite.They painted the walls like a weird outer space playland and filled a gallery full of their bouncy ball characters. Everyone had a smile on their faces and I felt like I was part of something special. It made me remember that art can be totally fun and not intellectually over bearing. Like POP art it was generic imagery that was easily acceptable and engaging to the public. Awesome!

I forget the artist name but the work was called "Bait" which feature a swimmer floating across the gallery floor with a shark in hot pursuit. There was a Baboon sculpture that reminded me of George Long's work. In short, made the connects, got the list for Miami nightlife, and got the tan.
Enjoy.Traveling is my next ArtForm.

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