Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Now! For the Youth

Dosa went nuts with his design.It made the kids tired,so he had to finish it up

I recently received a call from B-Girl/Activist Kelly B. asking me to help the youth and I said no. A few months later I get a call from Dosa he says, What is wrong with you ? Why aren't you doing this project? You need to be a part of this its for a good cause. My brother and I have our own youth foundation that mentors creative kids back in my home town of Florence, because no one was there for us creatively. He has gone off to Hollywood and done his big time movie stuff and well, I'm doing what I do.We figured we have made it up our journey and did ok, what if there was someone there to help kids realize their goals. So I agreed to help Kelly B.

We were to create a giant paint by number on 3 3ft letters that addressed a specific topic.The youth leaders would then paint the letters. Illustrate the issue and offer a solution.My topic was poverty.So on the N the figures are under a bridge while the rest of the world moves in happiness around them.

My solution was a good one I think. What if there were a farm that provided those at a loss with shelter.They raised their own food and sold it to the public on the honor system.What if they had a huge veg and fruit sale on the 1st and last sat of the month.They could even sale crafty stuff for folk who like that sort of thing.

My thinking was that being farmers would give them confidence and pride in wathcing these plants grow because of their own hard work.Maybe maybe not,but i am an ideas guy.

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Jeremy said...

This was really nice. I like your N-O-W especially. It gets the idea across effectively without being too heavy handed. Very cool.