Monday, June 16, 2008

Taste Good!!!

I have a good friend Jennifer from home that lives in Atlanta. I recently met her chef boyfriend and we chatted and shared Collard recipes. I never tell the real version for the Candy Collards. He began informed me that he work at this restaurant that makes everything in house. They are in bon appetite as one of the top 10 places to eat in the country blah blah...Everything in house!!! Meats chopped and ground fresh that morning, veggies are local, mustard, ketchup all made in house even dressings blah.

Amazed at this concept southern food tapas really all fresh I asked him to invite me out and give the treatment. A few weeks later Jen calls and Says hey lets go eat. Cool!! Where? At Landon's resturant..Ok see you there at 10.

I arrive, it’s packed out, and we get the treatment so there was a table there for us pretty fast. Landon says order the burger. It’s not on the menu? He says order it! We only make them after ten...So I order the burger. He boasts if this isn’t the best burger you have ever had I will buy it...DEAL!!! We shook on it. I order a Jack and Coke of course, the coke was made with sugar cane like some old formula Coke, so that was nice. Jen orders fried bologna and mustard, catfish fingers with a sun choke pickle tartar sauce, Louisiana crawfish beignets scallion and citrus vinegar they are small plates we share. Funny thing it’s not pricey.

So Ok so the small plated tapas were tasty. Before long it was there, this bad ass burger that has the chef willing to eat his words. He sat and said I want to see your first bite. After that bite he was like I’m not buying, this one is on you...I laughed at how good this thing was and was like ok ok....I will be back. This place.... Holeman and Finch check the menu for yourself.

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craig said...

Michi, This is craig I'm over here at studioplex with danté. We met when my daughters went to the summer camp. Was the restaurant Landon's or the other place you have the link to??? I wanted to check it out.