Friday, October 19, 2007


Paella (IPA: [paean]) is a rice dish, it is traditionally eaten on Sundays. The name paella is the word for "frying pan" in Valencian (from Latin patella).
Paella is usually garnished with vegetables and meat or seafood. The three main ingredients are rice, saffron, and olive oil.

Now you got the wik wiki Wikipedia version, now read my story.

In the South we are know for our little sayings or quotes and aphorisms.
I heard one recently that spoke of smarts, Give me 100$ and I will give you a teaspoon of fresh GA. Red clay.Anyways,there is one that goes, This is so good ,It make you wanna smack yo mama. Well, I just got back from Alabama and my mama ain't too happy about her face.

SSAR.Scott did it again.Paella this past Sunday. He and Mario. Two different styles of cooking. Collab. Make it work. Sunday feast. Attended by the pastors and family.Somehow this has something to do with art and artist being artist.


And a bunch of other stuff
I am forgetting cause
It was so much in there.

Mario grilled chorizo w/Lime. This was a new look for chorizo and my taste buds. Scott is the man. He brought out the music and Thump. We tipped. Waited for the Skillet to do its thing. Just as the sun made its down, Paella!!!20 mins later full belly, pot belly. Sleepy.To go plate. I headed down 400 passed my loft on to Alabama to slap my moms face. Scott and Mario you got me in trouble on this one. Now she gone slap mine when she reads this.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Diesel High too Mod and Ultra Cool.

Nothing to do with art TM or anything really....I didn’t even spell check whatever...

So I get an email from Karen West PR.Come out to the High Museum blah blah blah fashion FREE DRINKS!!! So last night I go to the High for the Diesel Fashion show social event of the evening. I dressed really swanky cause I knew the crowd, my easydosa t-shirt, jeans, addias, my vintage corning glasses and my fat gold rope chain.FRESH!!!They weren’t ready for that.

Stepped in line and stepping right out feels good and important. Karen hands me a wrist band and I jump the rope and go into the High saying good bye to the peasants who have to wait in line in my minds best British accent...I know people, as if I would have to wait! The though of such. Then the hip hop hits me in the face and snaps me back to my real me.

I’m from the country but when in certain social circles they go kiss kiss on both cheeks, so me too all the while thinking, I got two more cheek you can kiss. Ha!!! Joke to self nobody’s laughing but me.Thats what they do. Getting back to what I do my voice orders a Jack and Coke. I down it and get another while making small talk to ex cheerleaders now playing corporate sweethearts while asking what do you do. I think, Are you looking for my millions? What is it that I don’t do is the question and glare into her eyes to say Yes, I am that confident Mod and Ultra Cool.JC please, I leave he in bewilderment probably asking herself was he joking or an Ahole or does he do alot.

Now I feel the warm fuzz of the THUMP and I notice all the pancake make up blond hair beauty queens from frat parties past.I chuckle thing I used to date chicks like you.Well I thought, I guess they go to these events to be popular in adult life.I always wondered who where all those people in the back of Jezebel and Peach magazines.They seem to always be partying with the beautiful people and ATL short list of celebs.I guess I have finally made it, but my bills are due. A few more thumps and warmer feelings, I feel loose but not too loose, this is not the crowd for country boy jokes. I chill acting ultra mod and cool. I don’t even own an I pod but who knows that there, back to my cool.

Jermaine Dupri is a tiny man.Ceelo Green the Soul Machine is a big dude but short, both are nice and we pose for a pic. Maybe they think I'm ultra mod and cool. Maybe they know I’m an artist, do they collect? Maybe I will be in the back of Jezebel posed up next to some white blonde pie faced chick with nice "teeth" and some one in the grocery line will be like who are these people or why is Michi posed up with some pie faced blond chick with nice "teeth”. Anyway I pose for more pics with Caleb Gauge and a few of the scensters of the scene that move and shake all the while acting MOD and ULTRA COOL!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Artist staments

As many may know I really dont like the paper work of being an artist.Can you paint? YES!!! So,today I was asked to right an artist statement of why TM was innovative...this what i said?

TindelMichi are two artist working together to create an aesthetic that uniquely represents the South. Our work is a direct reflection of growing up in a newer urbanized and a less racially sensitive south than our parents. We use painting as our platform to combine various influences and methods from different disciplines and melded them into our own techniques. Skills that include one time use hand cut stenciling, font and character development as well as a history of symbolic elements that continue to show up in our work. We gather influence not only from the region, but from our families’ oral traditions. Inspired by two different racial experiences growing up in the south; TindelMichi celebrate the same southern culture. We have combined our southern vernaculars to develope cryptic phrases and languages. These messages or words are indications of the humor and charm that is undoubtedly Southern and incomparably TindelMichi.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunday Southern Art Revival:Cook

Sunday is the day we meet.The email was simple and said lets meet about 2 o clock and talk about new projects.Im thinking we working on Basel ideas or stuff for biennials and various other shows.We talked about art for all of ten minutes.This is what I love about SSAR.Sometime arts not important.
George was like "Im going to start a fire." Me too George I said as I followed in my Pyro happiness. We walk to the pit and started a fire. I got corn George said. Let's cook it. John and I look on as the blaze roar and I add more paper just to watch it burn, A whole Sunday paper starting with the art section to be exact.We laughed about it. George was like I got Okra too. We chopped it and was like hell, now we got to to fry it.George was like I got Collard Greens too.Cool.Jessie and his family came,plus Charlie and his young one. John left in sadness. The meat came from somewhere and few hours later it was a full on SSAR BBQ celebrating Mario and George.
Just as random and unplanned as our collaborative works are the collabortive meals are even more sucessful.Mario cleaned chickens I said "Fried Gizzards"George kept the gizzards.It's like we still were working in the studio and having fun ,but just in the kitchen. We were adding spices and guessing spices of each others dishes.Some spieces that pull out flavors that could have been missed.We all enjoy cooking and sharing family cooking secrets.I think that is why food plays an important part to our mission and gospel. There is talk of a cookbook and a SSAR Art Feast, we will collab in the kitchen for your taste buds.
Iron Belly Menu
George on Okra and Gourmet Gizzards
Michi on Collards (candy collards)
Scott "the Vegitarian" on ribs and Salmon
Mario on Yardbirds and plantain
Jessie on Grits and sausage
Charlie on Corn and grill foreman
John absent on Cooking day