Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Artist staments

As many may know I really dont like the paper work of being an artist.Can you paint? YES!!! So,today I was asked to right an artist statement of why TM was innovative...this what i said?

TindelMichi are two artist working together to create an aesthetic that uniquely represents the South. Our work is a direct reflection of growing up in a newer urbanized and a less racially sensitive south than our parents. We use painting as our platform to combine various influences and methods from different disciplines and melded them into our own techniques. Skills that include one time use hand cut stenciling, font and character development as well as a history of symbolic elements that continue to show up in our work. We gather influence not only from the region, but from our families’ oral traditions. Inspired by two different racial experiences growing up in the south; TindelMichi celebrate the same southern culture. We have combined our southern vernaculars to develope cryptic phrases and languages. These messages or words are indications of the humor and charm that is undoubtedly Southern and incomparably TindelMichi.

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