Friday, October 19, 2007


Paella (IPA: [paean]) is a rice dish, it is traditionally eaten on Sundays. The name paella is the word for "frying pan" in Valencian (from Latin patella).
Paella is usually garnished with vegetables and meat or seafood. The three main ingredients are rice, saffron, and olive oil.

Now you got the wik wiki Wikipedia version, now read my story.

In the South we are know for our little sayings or quotes and aphorisms.
I heard one recently that spoke of smarts, Give me 100$ and I will give you a teaspoon of fresh GA. Red clay.Anyways,there is one that goes, This is so good ,It make you wanna smack yo mama. Well, I just got back from Alabama and my mama ain't too happy about her face.

SSAR.Scott did it again.Paella this past Sunday. He and Mario. Two different styles of cooking. Collab. Make it work. Sunday feast. Attended by the pastors and family.Somehow this has something to do with art and artist being artist.


And a bunch of other stuff
I am forgetting cause
It was so much in there.

Mario grilled chorizo w/Lime. This was a new look for chorizo and my taste buds. Scott is the man. He brought out the music and Thump. We tipped. Waited for the Skillet to do its thing. Just as the sun made its down, Paella!!!20 mins later full belly, pot belly. Sleepy.To go plate. I headed down 400 passed my loft on to Alabama to slap my moms face. Scott and Mario you got me in trouble on this one. Now she gone slap mine when she reads this.


Jeremy said...

Hey, thanks for introducing me to Dosa last night. I was kind of out of it and not feeling very social, but after that happened, I went home in a very good mood. I've done a lot of casual writing on my blog since you guys last checked it. You may be interested to read
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Ma'am Samwichy said...

Oh man I love me some Paella. Hope you don't mind if I linked you on my blog.