Friday, September 28, 2007


So I just got back from NYC.Limo at the airport."Michi!!!"Usually Jose comes to get me.His phone was off and they sent another guy.Went directly to the Fashion/Garment distric.14 floors up did the meeting.We agreed.Shannon a friend from home bama has blonde hair now.We take a cab to Soho.We laugh.Finally did I said,all that trash talking we did in college, finally,Artsy and creative in NYC.The loft is huge.It over looked Kid Robot.Huge loft white furniture like a loft from a book.Someone really lives like this.Smokes on the fire escape,but I quit.I have one.We laugh.Walk for pizza and Jack D/coke.People come over.They dont do whiskey we laugh and call the soft as the thump hits us.Dosa comes over.He's in cut and paste.Taxi to alphabet city. more ATL folk show up. Before long the south dominates this one corner.Random.Walk to bars.Loaded and they dont dance no more but the A was on that bump and grind.Jordo eastvillage thats my dude.Sleep.Breakfast.Luis Bravo,I found Animal Chin. Lunch China Town.But went to the little Italy Street Festival.Pizzas,Scunguli's,and eeey!!! Italian stuff.Walk to House ton,but I say HOUSTON,like texas.Cut and paste.On the list.Dosa is hyped to do battle.I look up the A is in the place.SouF MouF.Dosa wins first two rounds.Looses final on purpose I think.The other guy was no comp.We celebrate the intentional loss.Walk.Go to Home Sweet Home.Its tiny,I laugh and leave.Taxi.EastV.Jordo.We hit MaxFish.More South.We tip whiskey and walk home.Sandwich at the corner deli.Turkey and cheese on a roll.Next morning China Town.I shop.Dumplings for breakfast.Call the Limo.Strange starting to like NYC.Airport.Flight,I sleep.ATL.Good to be Home.

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Jeremy said...

Nice talking last night. Keep me posted on that writing project. I'm terribly interested.