Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Underground and Fine

Here at TindelMichi Studios we straddle a fine line in this ATL art world. Are we Fine art or Underground? Maybe we some new folk art that people can’t classify it. Are we still emerging? When do we stop emerging? Who decides this and validates careers in ATL. I feel like we have played all the underground spots big and small and done the right events. We have played some more notable galleries and gained the attention of the finer side and I still feel like something is missing. I have gotten into arguments with people who say going the gallery route you can’t do this or that. Well, I need some intellectual art buyers to understand the dilemma of daily creation. Try to understand two dudes who make.

TindelMichi is prolific. We make paint, draw, create things every day; we are not waiting for some great idea to get us out of the funk. We paint through the funk. Is it well thought out? Some of it is and some just skim the ideas.Ideas come and go.I used to keep an idea box. Are we wrong for this? It’s like do you need art to breathe and our answer is, YES!!!!Do you paint? YES!!!We don’t pretend and makes no excuses of why we can’t create. Either you are a creator or not. We don’t play art; we are it.TindelMichi tries to one up each other daily. It’s how we create our dialog and symbols. Healthy completion to push each other this how we learn from each other. So naturally we would push our work onto other things sculpture, installations, we paint live and far as I am concerned that is our performance art.
I get so confused by the Atlanta's art scene and its ideas. What are we trying to do really, push our scene or local talent? Well ,here at TM studios we are pushing a whole region. The idea of this enchanting place where long hot heat is the norm. We are not like NYC or L.A. We are not tofu and pizza. We are sweet tea and bbq.If NYC is an ant hill then we are fireflys.So in saying this I am pushing for us (Atlanta) to come into our own.

I got off subject.

Banksy, Shepard, David Choe a few others have gone their routes and landed work in major collections in museums international. They are a few doing what all artists want to do. Don’t then you are a liar to yourself. Make art and make money, so that you can make art and have the time and joy to make that art. To produce daily and not worry about I got to go to work and stop your real mission. We all start off to be sucessful.You don’t start things to fail.

So who is to say I'm wrong if I do this or that with my work. Some say this doesnt validate you and no one will take your work seriously.Well until the intellectual buyers catch up with the jones my bills still rocking.My urge to make work is still there.No museum is knocking down my door just yet. So,I have to do what it takes to get that free time to make what I have to make. The time for my spirit to get free making things. I’m going both ways on this one....Underground and Fine.

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