Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So every once and awhile i get a drawing back from a kid that is genius.
I don't really understand adult conceptual ideas,cause mainly,I don't believe adults.We have lost the ability to be direct and honest in our work.He offered me no long bio or statement to prove his theory.He was to the point.I'm sure i will do an installation or something conceptual in my career and I will explain it as a matter of fact as my student King did.
He folded his 11x17 paper into six squares and got to it.
When asked about his work and what does it mean to him.

He explained "Its Technology that I don't even know about.I dont understand it,but I see it in my head.Lasers and imaginary time,time that's invisible and maps."
King Barnes Age 6

For some reason I believe Him.

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