Friday, August 10, 2007

Souls Saved

TM and the other evangelist recently installed the second edition to The Sunday Southern Art Revival. The show will be up until September first. Stop in and see the glorious work that the spirit has lead us to create and share with those in need of a blessing. The Revival is a traveling installment much like the old fashion tent revivals of the rural south. Our next meeting is in St.Augustine on Sept.7th. We gone win some souls for the spirit and those souls aint ready.

During this entire revival that was started for fun, and nothing more, I think we have ourselves, as artist been born again. AMEN!! I guess during this collective collar project, we were all trying to save our own holy art souls from burning in the rut of complacency and boredom that Atlanta has the potential to have. When I think about it, I too have threatened to run to NYC to avoid the rut. I aint scared. It’s just that catfish like fresh water, if you know what I mean. Although there are salt water catfish, I'd much rather cruise a fresh-water lake and not become a pale worm in a big grey apple. My faith is our skills and those ruts are under monster truck tires, so we just gone jump'em anyways.BIG WHEELS KEEP TURNING!! AMEN!!!!

Back to our souls. I am so pleased at the outcome of this whole revival I want to go tell it on a mountain. Our creative spirit is up so high right now we just may be able to part the Chattahoochee, like Moses did the Red Sea. If that happens, there will be a fish fry in the back forty. I aint one to tell lies right outta church, but I feel we could do it. God knows we have put a lot sweat equity into what we are doing and have done ups and down, grants lost, not always working smart , sometimes doing too much ,and hell, at times not doing enough. I guess what I’m trying to say is I think the Revival has saved TindelMichi more than we wanted it to save a community of artist. AMEN!!!

Go down to the mourner’s bench and receive your blessing @ 814 Edgewood @ The Whitespace.

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travis said...

great show at whitespace - lots of awesome pieces. have fun in st augustine.