Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Michi:Think Different


eggtooth said...

this image is great. kinda has a george clinton nationalistic basquiat "like wow,maaan" to it. the suburban kids will be in line to vote for you with that one.
but wow.
i cant decide which of you to vote for. it's like yr both suffering from the same ailment of presidential candidates. yr both puppets on strings controlled by a big ...joke. of course,you guys are addressing the joke,so that's funny..
michi--you got serious chops,wow.i like the spirit and the balls. the tude is rough and honest.
while tindel seems to be going more for the trad. technician of the work,the class, value system.theres beauty in truth. and he backs it up with some highly original crafty images. tindel a family so i know he understands others not like me,but michi is prolly a philanderer,something i am not but i play one in my shed.so i relate in some turp. huffin' manner
michi..i think he's got an edge.some of his campaign propoganda just have the right depth and simple street smarts to bitch slap some sense in. but its just a slight edge,as soon as i notice it,out comes slipping tindel's edge.
actually i think id vote for fahamu
or maxwell sebastian.
or me,of course.
but in all reality,i can't vote. my doctor wont let me.


Anonymous said...

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